Sacred Geometry T-shirt
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Product Information

​100%  Cotton Ring Spun Gildan Softstyle(R)

Available in sizes XS - XL

Safe to spin fire in!

Sacred geometry symbols and ratios are representative of the structures and patterns that make up the entire Universe! The different symbols, patterns, and ratios illustrate the interconnectedness of all that we can experience in this reality.

On this shirt are Metatron's Cube in blue, thirteen equal circles from the Flower of Life, called the Fruit of Life, are connected at the centers by straight lines and represents the connection between the finite and infinite, and the Merkaba in yellow, a powerful symbol of meditation for those seeking higher wisdom that is said to promote harmony and balance. 

Care Instructions

Machine wash with like colors. Tumble dry low. Do not iron decal. Turn garment inside out and iron on low heat.

$15  +tax & shipping